Safety Standdown Seminar 2020

We're going virtual!

The theme for Safety Standdown in 2020 is “Safety in Focus 20/20.”  Every day, we face the question of how to turn our vision of a safer, more efficient organization into reality, and Safety Standdown 2020 will help us focus on that vision.

Throughout its history, Safety Standdown has never been about theory; it has been about innovative practical steps and ideas to help attendees improve safety within their organizations. “Safety in Focus 20/20” celebrates that tradition and focuses even more resolutely on that goal for any size operation, from single-pilot, single-engine piston aircraft operators to those with fleets of intercontinental jets. Because the culture of Safety Standdown has always treated all attendees and presenters as peers, each operator will have the opportunity to learn from others that have faced similar difficulties, not just from the broad array of industry experts listed in the agenda.

To professionals in any part of an aviation organization, discussions of the broader, more abstract concepts of safety can lack the 20/20 focus that permits a maintenance technician, pilot, dispatcher, safety program manager, or accountable executive to design and implement safety improvements. Safety Standdown 2020 will help you turn those important safety ideas into specific goals and tangible outcomes to achieve your vision of improved safety culture and safety performance.

This year’s must attend event is going to look a little different! The virtual format will ensure attendees remain safe and secure, as the goal of Standdown remains – to foster a community of aviation professionals who are committed to lifelong learning and to disseminating higher standards of safety and professionalism throughout the industry. The team will bring you a series of mini sessions over the next weeks, building up to the Bombardier Safety Standdown 2020 virtual main event.

We are excited to provide the industry with some of the most respected safety leaders with a series of biweekly mini sessions. Engaging you with topics on distractions, pilot proficiency’s, fit for duty and hangar safety. Then Fall of 2020, will have a Safety Standdown virtual event will include your favorite presenters with lesson on infinite battles, organizational culture, emotional intelligence and leadership.

Safety Talk #1 - August 19th, 2020

Remember Your Parachute! Fitness for duty in the year of distraction

Safety Talk #2 - September 2nd, 2020

Pilot Proficiency During COVID-19 Interruption

Safety Talk #3 - September 16, 2020

A 20/20 Vision for Personal Fitness and Safety

Safety Talk #4 - September 30, 2020

Keeping the Hangar Monster Away – Practical Solutions for Hangar Safety

Safety Talk #5 - December 3, 2020

Procedural Non-Compliance

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