Elevating Standards in High-Stakes Roles: Beyond Mastery of Minimally Successful

Presented by: Amy Grubb, Ph.D., Federal Bureau of Investigation


Wednesday, November 13, 2019

10:30 - 11:45


Performance standards in high-stakes roles require everyone to be thinking beyond “mastering minimally successful”.  This presentation will look at how and why standards are set formally and informally, the role of measuring, evaluating, and revising standards as part of a culture, and how to communicate what is and is not the standard in a way that leads to actual behavioral change.  The role of peers, bosses, customers, and culture will also be discussed, with an emphasis on how to message standards to different stakeholders with different personalities and interests.

  • How and why standards are set in high-stakes performance contexts
  • The methods and madness around measuring performance and evaluating standards
  • Communicating the results of evaluations and the actions necessary to “elevate” them
  • Leveraging culture, norms, and values as a communication devise for elevation of standards
  • Best practices based on science in the fields of performance measurement, setting of standards, and risk management to provide food for thought regarding elevation of standards in aviation and other fields


Amy Grubb

Dr. Amy Grubb

Organizational Psychologist

Federal Bureau of Investigation