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2019 Seminar Documents

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*Please note that not all presentations will be available because of the proprietary information they contain or the presenter has chosen not to provide documents online.

General Sessions

  • Levitation is Not a Magic Trick: High Performance at the Merge_Kern_Takeaways
  • Creating Standards: What do You Stand For?_Brooks_Takeaways
  • Proactive Fatigue Risk Management_Mollicone_Takeaways
  • What Defines You?_Gorthy_Takeaways
  • Rising Above Technology: Performance Standards for 21st Century Airmanship_Lutat_Takeaways
  • Learn_Apply_Share_Boedigheimer_Presentation
  • Learn_Apply_Share_Boedigheimer_Takeaway


  • SMS 301_D. Smith-Terry Taylor_Takeaways
  • SMS 301_D. Smith-Terry Taylor_Presentation
  • Promoting Safety in your Organization_Wofford_Huff_Takeaways
  • Safety, Education and Experience (SEE) Talks_Boedigheimer_Takeaways
  • Are Maintenance Errors Predictable?_Grier_Takeaways
  • Three Psychologies of Excellence_Dankoff_Takeaways
  • The Professional Traveler – Risk Mitigation Strategies for All Phases of Travel_Brown_Takeaways
  • Automation Airmanship: Making the Most of the Human Operator in a Complex World_Lutat_Takeaways
  • Emotional Wellbeing in Aviation_Barker_Takeaways
  • Reducing Runway Surface Risk – Do your expectations meet reality?_Cooper_Gorthy_Frakes_Takeaways
  • Reducing General Aviation CFIT Accidents_Korns_Haertlein_Presentation
  • International Ops Purposeful Planning_Hartley_Presentation
  • Positive Culture for Higher Safety Standards_McHenry_Bean_Presentation
  • Three Psychologies of Excellence_Dankoff_Presentation
  • Reducing Runway Surface Risk – Do your expectations meet reality?_Cooper_Gorthy_Frakes_Presentation
  • Leading Safety From Theory to Practice_Goodheart_Presentation
  • Leading Safety From Theory to Practice_Goodheart_Takeaway
  • Leading Safety From Theory to Practice_Goodheart_Takehome
  • Ambiguous Cockpit Information_Cote_Takeaway
  • Are Maintenance Errors Predictable_Grier_Presentation
  • Beyond the FAA - Occupational Safety and Health regulations_Stauffer_Presentation
  • Beyond the FAA – Occupational, Safety and Health regulations_Stauffer_Takeaways
  • Elevate your standards with positive leadership_Bean_Presentation
  • Elevating Standards in Upset Prevention and Recovery Training_Brooks_Takeaway
  • Elevating Your Fatigue Standards - Workbook
  • Elevating your Fatigue Standards_Silveira_Sirek_Presentation
  • Elevating Your Standards-The Journey towards a Safe and Efficient Operations_Pietracupa_Takeaways
  • Integrating Standdown into Training Programs and the benefits of Mentorship_Coleman_Presentation
  • Integrating Standdown into Training Programs and the benefits of Mentorship_Coleman_Takeaway