SSD 2022

Bombardier Safety Standdown

Moving Safety Forward 

November 8-10, 2022

Wichita, Kansas


Safety Standdown Seminar

2022 Safety Award Nominations are now OPEN! 

The Safety Standdown award is given annually to an aviation professional who has demonstrated exemplary dedication to improving aviation safety through the application of the Safety Standdown principle: LEARN - APPLY - SHARE


Safety Talk #15 

A briefing on conflict zones with security implications to aviation operations. Geographic locations will range from the current war in Ukraine to other global hotspots such as the Middle East, Central Africa, and increasing tensions in Northeast Asia. 



Best of the Best - Christopher Lutat

Chris Lutat presents Rising Above Technology: Performance Standards for 21st Century Airmanship. In his presentation from 2019, Chris discusses developments in aviation safety related to safe operations of aircraft with advanced cockpit technology. His talk focuses on the specific behaviors that high-performing crews adopt to ensure they are doing more than simply maintaining “minimum standards” of airmanship.


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Knowledge Center

Knowledge Center

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Safety Standdown promotes knowledge-based aviation safety training along with personal discipline and responsibility as essential elements of aviation safety.