Our Story

Our History Promoting Aviation Safety

Safety Standdown started in Wichita, Kansas (United States) in 1996 as an aviation safety training event for a Bombardier Learjet Flight Demonstration Team. The objective was to improve aviation safety standards and sustain positive changes within the industry. The event was such a success that it was later opened to other corporate pilots and flight crews in 1999.

What is Safety Standdown?

Safety Standdown is an annual event promoting knowledge-based pilot safety training along with personal discipline and responsibility as essential elements of aviation safety and aviation professionalism.

The aviation safety program is free of charge and the information is catered towards pilots, crewmembers, maintenance technicians and managers no matter what aircraft they operate.

The Safety Standdown program consist of the Advisory Council and their sub committees, seminars, internal ambassador program, Safety award, online resources and other aviation safety programs that provide tools to fight human error in aviation through individual actions and personal accountability.

In addition to the event, the Safety Standdown website provides access to live seminar webcasts as well as a variety of safety-related articles written by experts in the industry.

Safety Standown Values

Continuous Learning

  • Learn, Apply, Share
  • Mentoring¬†


  • Encourages others through personal example
  • Speak the truth that is constructive


  • Dedication and commitment to promote aviation safety
  • Inspire and motivate others through personal actions and behaviour


  • Makes a conscious decision to do the right thing
  • Place professional responsibility above personal gain


  • Makes a difference
  • Be accountable and persistent


Champions the principles of Safety Standdown, demonstrates their dedication and commitment to the promotion of aviation safety, inspires and motivates others through their personal actions and behavior, and possesses the traits that have contributed to a successful career.