2023 Seminar Documents

Download available presentations for Safety Standdown 2023:


  • Erika Armstrong - "The Pilot Brain"
  • Dan Boedigheimer - "Runway Excursion 2023" (Reference Card)
  • Randall Brooks - "Mitigating LOC-I Through UPRT- A Comprehensive SMS Approach"
  • John Cauthen and Paulo Alves - "Mission Ready: Enhancing Health Well-Being and Safety of Aviation Crewmembers"
  • Keith Clark - "Aviation Fuel: Quality Assurance is the Key to Everyone's Safety"
  • Andrew Day - "Emotional Intelligence & the Organizational Accident"
  • Amanda Ferraro and Don Chupp - "2023 Alarming Trends: This is a Call to Action"
  • Adam Hartley - 'Strategies for Mission Feasibility in Business Aviation"
  • Matthew McNeil - "Elevating Safety Through Psychological Integrity: Bridging the Gap Between Theory Practice and Mastery"
  • Daniel Mollicone - "Fatigue Risk Management: Visibility and Control"
  • Lou Nemeth - "Lawn Chair Analysis"
  • Franco Pietracupa and Etienne Cote - "When Airmanship Ends and the Normal Checklist Begins - V2"
  • Kellie Roby and Steve Bruneau - "Demonstrating Safety in an Objective Way"
  • Jason Starke - "Cultivating Safety Leadership for SMS Engagement and a Positive Safety Culture"
  • Kent Stauffer - "Just Culture in Human Factors: How to Be Human AND Just"
  • Timothy Wade - "Clear as Mud: The Confusing Side of Safety"
  • Jill Wilson - "Joby Aviation and the Future of Flight"
  • Jeff Woffard and Marty Grier - "How to Have the Talk"
  • Madeline Young - "The Impending SMS Mandate: Reviewing NPRM Process Proposed Rule and What's Next"


  • Dan Boedigheimer - "Runway Excursion 2023" (Handout)

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