Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to attend?

The Safety Standdown sessions are offered at no charge to attendees. Everyone is responsible for their own device that they choose to attend the online event.

If I attend one online session, do I have to attend all of them?

No. You will need to register for each Safety Standdown session. If you cannot attend one of the Safety Standdown sessions, you do not need to register and attend it.

Will I still be able to interact and ask questions through the virtual event?

Yes. There will be a time allocated at the end of each Safety Standdown session to ask questions and interact with the speaker.

What technology do I need to attend the online sessions?

The Safety Standdown sessions will be accessible from our website, through your desktop or smartphone browser. For desktop browsers, it is recommended to use either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for the best experience.

How long are the online sessions?

The length of the Safety Standdown sessions vary. The “Safety Talk” are mini sessions that will be 30 minutes long and have an additional 15 minutes for Q&A. For the Safety Standdown half day event in October, there will be four different Safety Standdown sessions that will be 45 minutes long and an additional 10 minutes for Q&A.

Who can attend the online sessions?

The Safety Standdown sessions are open to any and all professionals in the aviation industry who are looking to turn their vision of a safer, more efficient organization into a reality.

Are the online sessions going to be recorded to view after, if not can I record them myself?

The Safety Standdown sessions will be recorded and available for viewing at your leisure on the Safety Standdown website, following the broadcast.

Do I need to have a webcam for the online sessions?

No. A webcam is not required to attend the Safety Standdown sessions.

Do I need a particular software for the online sessions?

No. Only a web browser is needed to access the Safety Standdown sessions.

How do I log into the online session the day of the event?

On the day of the Safety Standdown session, a reminder email will be sent an hour before the Safety Standdown session. The webcast window will also be open on the session webpage. You will be prompted to provide your information and then you will have access to the Safety Standdown session.

When are the online sessions being held?

The “Safety Talk” mini sessions will be held every two weeks starting August 19th at 12:20pm. The Safety Standdown half day event will take place on October 21 from 9:45am to 4:45pm.

How do I register for the online sessions?

There will be an email sent with the link to register the week before the Safety Standdown sessions start. If you are not able to register at that time, another email with the registration link will be sent the day before the Safety Standdown sessions.