The Aircare International Training Team

For over 35 years Aircare International has been the innovative leader in Human Factor-based Emergency Procedures Training for Pilots, Flight Engineers, Cabin Crew and Executive Frequent Flyers. Aircare FACTS Training offers a variety of research-based programs, specifically designed to meet the needs of business aviation operations, public (government) aircraft and military special ops missions.

Aircare’s Training provides business aviation with competency-based emergency procedures training experiences that result in better, more professional and more hirable crewmembers. Thousands of aviation professionals train with Aircare each year because they demand challenging and relevant training content that continuously improves crews’ skills and level of preparedness, regardless of their experience.

Aircare’s courses combine educational tools such as online learning, interactive classroom presentations, and unique, proprietary training devices, including full-size, full motion cockpit and cabin emergency procedures simulator(s), the pool, live fire trainers, Hypoxia Awareness Trainers and Inverted Underwater Egress Dunker. Training in the full-size simulators provides capabilities unmatched in the industry and provides realism not available anywhere else.

Aircare is proud to have supported the Bombardier Safety Standdown for over a decade.



The Aircare International Training Team

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