Advisory Council Member

Bethan Williams

Chief of Cabin Experience, Lead Flight Attendant

Council Member since 2023

Bethan Williams is the Chief of Cabin Experience, Lead Flight Attendant for the Bombardier Demo team. She has more than 25 years of aviation experience as a Flight Attendant in both commercial and corporate flight operations.

Bethan started flying 1997 and worked for commercial carriers such as British Airways (BA) and Virgin Atlantic before starting with Bombardier in 2012 flying the corporate shuttle. She moved over to the Demo team five years ago.

Appointed Lead Flight Attendant in Sept. 2020 – in the middle of a pandemic – Bethan has since worked very hard to enhance training procedures in the department, including creating a detailed Flight Attendant Safety manual. Training still very much a work in progress, including the launch of the Bombardier Flight Academy – Flight Attendant Training in Service Excellence in 2023.

Safety is always the number one objective in aviation, and Bethan notes that her hope is to bring the wider flight attendant community into alignment when it comes to safety and safety training within corporate aviation, she also hopes to spread the word about Safety Standdown throughout the industry, highlighting its importance to the worldwide aviation industry.