Courage in Extraordinary Circumstances

Presented By: Don Chupp – Fireside Partners

Thursday, August 8, 2024
11:00 – 12:00

Emergencies bring forth circumstances where ordinary people rise to perform extraordinary feats and even save lives while under extreme pressure. This session will examine the differentiators between people who act with significant effect and those who cannot. Several recent real-world cases will be deeply examined; instances where cabin personnel demonstrated the individual character, courage and fortitude of an extraordinary person.

This session will also draw out and pull together the common features of each case and individual. In addition, general attributes of personality, cognition and mental and emotional acuity will be identified, along with opportunities to hone individual skills. Conclusions and calls to action will be offered to improve the safety and emergency response capabilities at home base. Expect a dynamic and engaging presentation, with many opportunities for participants to share their insight and experience.

Don Chupp

Don Chupp

President and CEO
Fireside Partners