Étienne Côté


Étienne Côté

Demonstration Pilot and Air Safety Investigator


Council Member since 2020

Étienne Côté has been involved with the industry at multiple levels. Starting his career in aviation as a Flight Attendant for a major carrier at the age of 18. He soon after completed his pilot licenses and aviation degree to eventually start flying in the business and corporate world. Besides his pilot duties, he has acquired a very diverse experience by holding position such as Line and ground operation, Airport Manager, Training Captain, Manager of Training and has also owned a Training and consulting company.  

Having started with Bombardier in 2007 as an Instructor/Pilot, Etienne also served as a Customer Liaison Pilot for 7 years, and later as a production test pilot. He more recently joined the Bombardier’s Demonstration group in early 2020. 

Etienne has always been an advocate for a better understanding and inclusion of Human Factors with regards to cockpit operation and procedure design. As such, he has led Bombardier’s Checklist Initiative in an effort to align the procedure design with the challenges and realities faced by business aircraft pilots in live operations.  

He has also completed the Aircraft Accident Investigator training with the NTSB and     supports the Bombardier Air Safety Investigation Office as an auxiliary investigator.

Contact Info

Address:    200 Côte-Vertu West
                   Dorval, Québec, H4S 2A3
Phone:       +1-514-619-6503
Email:        etienne.cote@aero.bombardier.com  
Web:          businessaircraft.bombardier.com