Franco Pietracupa

Demonstration Pilot

Captain Franco Pietracupa has been a Demonstration Pilot for Flight Operations at Bombardier since 2019.

Mr. Pietracupa joined Bombardier Aerospace in 2000 as a Simulator Flight Instructor at the Bombardier Aerospace Training Center in Montreal, and was appointed Director of Flight Training in 2009, a position he held until assuming his current role.

In 2013, the Federal Aviation Administration recognized Pietracupa by including his name in the prestigious FAA Airlines Certification Database. He is also a member of the Transportation Appeal Tribunal of Canada since 2008.

As well as a Demonstration Pilot , he has conducted as a Subject Matter Expert over 300 briefings to pilots and crews on Emerging Regulations, Automation Dependency, Fatigue Management, Pilot Monitoring and Winter Safety. The Demo team also has the responsibility of managing the Safety Standdown Program, the premier recognized safety program in aviation for over 20 years dedicated to human factors in aviation safety.

Prior to joining Bombardier, Mr. Pietracupa was Deputy Chief Pilot Instructor at the CESPA Flight College in Saint-Hubert, Quebec, from 1997 to 2000. Mr. Pietracupa is a Designated Flight Test Examiner with Transport Canada and was a long time FAA, and an EASA-approved TRI (Type Rating Instructor and Examiner)/TRE and TCE (Training Center Examiner). Mr. Pietracupa is type-rated on the CRJ and Challenger Series aircraft including the Challenger 650 and 350, and has logged more than 10,000 flight and simulator hours.

Mr. Pietracupa graduated of CESPA Aeronautical College with a certificate in Aeronautical Management in 1996. He is based in Montreal, Canada.

Franco Pietracupa


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