How Developing Your Emotional Intelligence and Hardiness Can Help You Increase Safety in Aviation

Presented By: Dr. Steven J Stein

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

13:30 - 14:30

  • Developing Your Emotional Intelligence_Dr Steven Stein

This session will introduce you to the concepts of emotional intelligence and hardiness and why they are important for people working in aviation, especially leaders. The relationship between leadership and creating a safe environment will be explored. Specific attributes of pilots and how those relate to performance in a number of dimensions will also be examined. Flight crew safety as well as job satisfaction can be influenced by skills such as emotional self-awareness, stress tolerance and flexibility. As well, this session will introduce ways in which you can increase your own emotional intelligence, as well as your team’s.

Steven J Stein

Dr. Steven J Stein

Executive Chair and Founder

Multi-Health Systems Inc. (MHS)