Integrity In Safety

Safety Standdown 2023 Logo with a subtitled stating "Integrity In Safety" which is the theme for Safety Standdown 2023

For the past 27 years, aviation professionals have been talking about the concept of “taking personal responsibility for safety” – not settling for the status quo. To properly achieve this premise, each of us individually, at all levels, must set the example for others by doing the right thing to help build trust and reduce risk. It’s imperative that we continue to be strong safety role models ensuring our actions, values and processes are appropriately aligned at all levels of our organizations.

This year’s theme explores these important concepts. It aims to ensure we do the right thing in all situations and strive to reach the highest ethics in our operations. This type of commitment, on all levels, begs so many questions to oneself and for our respective organizations – are we doing all we can? How do we aim for a higher standard…how do we attain “Integrity in Safety?” After all, our future depends on it.