Jermaine Cadogan

Operations Manager
Convergent Performance, LLC

Jermaine Cadogan serves as Lead Instructor for Convergent Performance. He brings his 24 years of aviation maintenance experience as well as years of experience as a Master Training Specialist and His motto is, “Wherever you go, leave the place better than you found it.” Cadogan is a retired United States Marine Corps Major after 24 years of honorable service. He enlisted in the United States Marine Corps as an Aviation Ordnance Marine. Throughout his career, Cadogan deployed all over the country and the world in defense of our nation. He rose from the enlisted ranks, eventually converting to the officer ranks and culminating his career as a Major. Cadogan has maintained numerous types/model/series aircraft. He has been around aviation his entire adult life and has a deep passion for aviation. In addition to his aviation maintenance experience, he is also a certified instructor and Master Training Specialist serving as the director of the Aviation Ordnance Managers’ Career Progression course for the Navy and the Marine Corps.


Jermaine Cadogan

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