Kent Stauffer

Vice President Safety

Kent Stauffer is a leading aviation safety, maintenance, quality, flight, and ground operations professional who heads all safety functions for Flexjet, Constant Aviation and Nextant Aerospace. In addition to being a Pilot, Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Pilot, and A&P, he holds several accreditations in Aviation Science, and Aviation Maintenance, and holds a Certificate of Aviation Safety and Security and Accident Investigation from The University of Southern California.

Stauffer has a broad background in aviation safety, flight, maintenance, and operations. His expertise includes human factors, fatigue management, flight and ground operations, risk management, OSHA, EPA, hazardous materials, Safety Management Systems (SMS), and aviation accident investigation.

As an active member of the FAA Safety Action Team (FAAST), Stauffer speaks throughout the country at FAA forums and industry conferences on operations, safety, and maintenance topics. He serves on numerous industry and FAA-sponsored work groups and organizations and participates as a Board or Advisory Board member for several Part 147 schools, Kent State College of Aeronautics and Engineering, Argonaut - Davis Aviation High School and the Aviation Technician Education Council (ATEC). Currently, Stauffer chairs the NBAA Maintenance Safety Sub-Committee.


Kent Stauffer

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