Madeline Young

Product Manager
Polaris Aero

Madeline Young has served as the Product Manager for the safety and risk management software suite developed by Polaris Aero since January 2023. Prior to her current position, Young was the Manager of Customer Experience and Safety Training for Polaris. Preceding these appointments, Young was a Safety Specialist, Compliance Specialist, and Fleet Optimization Specialist for Jet Linx Aviation.

In addition to her operational experience with charter operations and safety intelligence software, Young worked for two Fixed Base Operators (FBOs) in the Omaha, NE Metro area, the Nebraska Department of Aeronautics (formerly known) and the United States Senate. Young has a master’s degree in advanced safety engineering and management from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Additionally, Young holds a bachelor’s degree of science in air transportation from the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO) Aviation Institute, and a private pilot license. Young also holds a Graduate Safety Practitioner credential awarded by the American Society of Safety Professionals.

Honoring her commitment to education, Young continues to serve as a graduate teaching assistant for the Advanced Safety Engineering and Management (ASEM) program at UAB, is an active adjunct faculty member for the UNO Aviation Institute and is a routine thought-leadership presenter for the International Business Aviation Council SafetyNet web series.


Madeline Young

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