Moving Safety Forward


For the past 25 years, aviation professionals have been talking about the concept of “doing our jobs better” – cultivating an attitude of not settling for the status quo when it comes to safety. This year’s theme, “Moving Safety Forward,” ensures that we keep moving and getting better at everything we do. As aviation professionals, we have a unique opportunity to initiate safety as the top priority at our organizations and influence change – but are we doing enough?  

In 2022, by “Moving Safety Forward,” we will act on this premise. Yes, it sounds like a straightforward concept – but it is not easy. It takes the utmost commitment of everyone in our industry to instill a sense of change – moving forward and improving at everything we do. It also starts with culture change, starting every mission with a sound safety premise. This needs to happen before checklists, operations, or the proper maintenance/crew operations guide vernacular is crafted. Safety needs to be the overriding driver of every decision we make – nothing else will prevent unnecessary risks. We all must keep moving, pressing forward to ensure we meet this necessary goal. This is a journey without a final destination…but our future depends on it.