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Pat Daily, M.S.

Founding Partner

Convergent Performance, LLC

Subject Matter Expert: Professionalism

Pat Daily, M.S., is the Founding Partner of Convergent Performance, LLC. His background includes 12 years of active duty service and 18 years as a reserve officer in the US Air Force where he flew as an operational pilot in F-4 and F-16 aircraft. He is a graduate of, and later instructed at the USAF Test Pilot School and has flown and evaluated over 60 types of aircraft and has instructed US and allied pilots in upset recovery techniques in a variety of aircraft and is a member of the Society of Experimental Test Pilots. In addition to teaching Cadets how to fly T-41s, Pat taught Aeronautical Engineering at the US Air Force Academy.

In his civilian career, Pat has flown for American Airlines, Texas Air Aces, Aviation Safety Training (advanced maneuvering and upset recovery) and holds an ATP and a CFI. Prior to founding Convergent Performance, Pat was the Director of Honeywell’s Defense and Space Electronics Systems at Johnson Space Center where he managed the steam to glass program for the Space Shuttle as well as Guidance, Navigation and Control Projects for the International Space Station and the Space Shuttle.

Pat is also the founder and President of Blue Threat Enterprises, LLC, a company dedicated to reducing human error in high risk industries. He is a Six Sigma Black Belt and has led quality improvement projects in aerospace and education. He and his wife currently live in Houston, Texas and have two daughters.


Pat Daily

Founding Partner

Convergent Performance, LLC

7150 Campus Drive, Suite 275
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80920

Phone: +1-719-481-0530
Mobile: +1-713-398-8496