Proactive Fatigue Risk Management

Presented by: Daniel Mollicone, Ph.D., Pulsar Informatics, Inc.


Wednesday, November 13, 2019


8:00 - 9:00


When it comes to fatigue risk management, it is the responsibility of the flight department to establish clear fatigue risk management policies and procedures, provide training to crew members, and set flight and duty schedules that provide for adequate rest opportunity. Individual crew members must use their off duty time to get the rest they need to ensure that they report fit for duty. This presentation will cover the basics of fatigue risk management and discuss approaches that flight departments can adopt to systematically monitor and mitigate fatigue risk.

This presentation presents an overview of the scientific basis of fatigue will be presented along with scientific data relating fatigue to safety outcomes. Topic areas covered include: (1) the sources and consequences of fatigue in operational settings; (2) recommended practices related to fatigue risk management; (3) recent technological advances in the field of fatigue risk management; (4) research updates related to FAA-sponsored research aimed at quantifying the extent to which fatigue is a hazard in maintenance operations.


Daniel Mollicone

Dr. Daniel Mollicone


Pulsar Informatics, Inc.