Rising Above Technology: Performance Standards for 21st Century Airmanship

Presented by: Christopher Lutat, Convergent Performance, LLC


Tuesday, November 12, 2019

11:00 - 12:00


This presentation will discuss recent developments in aviation safety related to safe operations of aircraft with advanced cockpit technology. The session will focus on the specific behaviors that high-performing crews adopt to ensure that they are doing more than simply maintaining “minimum standards” of airmanship. Individual crew members will know where their skills lie compared to the highest performers – and know exactly what they can do to close the gap.

Contemporary flight crews don’t always get to choose the aircraft they fly or the airspace that they operate in – but find themselves instead matching their abilities against rapid advances in technology and changing airspace. This presentation will lay-out those challenges, then offer a personal program of sound habits and protocols that are designed to keep the “wetware” in charge of the flight deck – and by doing so – maintain the safest conditions for their passengers and crew.

Chris Lutat

Christopher Lutat

Managing Partner

Convergent Performance, LLC