Advisory Council Member

Ron Renz

Alligator, Inc.

Council Member since 2022

Ron Renz has been involved in aviation for almost 50 years. He began his aviation career as an engineer then progressed to flight test engineer and then to test pilot. He has been almost exclusively involved in airplane flight testing and airplane modification programs since the late 1970s.  

Ron is an FAA licensed pilot with an Airline Transport Pilot certificate and type ratings in Boeing 737, Learjet 35, Hawker HS125 aircraft, and he is also rated in the Mitsubishi MU-2B. Ron also regularly flies aerobatics in his Christen Eagle bi-plane and uses that experience as a “keep me alive” training tool. He is a firm believer in airplane upset recovery training for all pilots. Ron is an FAA licensed mechanic holding an Airframe and Powerplant license with Inspection Authorization. Ron has degrees in both aerospace and mechanical engineering.  

Ron worked on several NASA-sponsored test programs, numerous airplane STC programs for various clients, and several “clean sheet” aircraft development programs, as well as many airplane research flight test programs. Ron is Owner/President of Alligator, Inc., an aerospace engineering company. He has developed specialized capability for instrumenting airplanes for flight test purposes and has also developed techniques for simulator model data gathering during flight test programs. His specialty is quantitative airplane flight testing. 

Ron has had a long-term role on the MHIA product support team for the MU-2B airplane. This team has achieved marked safety enhancement of the airplane over that time period. He has been working with the MU-2B team in various engineering, flight test, product development and safety analysis capacities for over 25 years. This team was responsible for changing the safety culture of the airplane so that the MU-2B now enjoys one of the best safety records for turbo prop airplanes and the MHIA team has achieved one of the best product support ratings in the industry for 20 straight years.