Safety Talk #9

Paul BJ Ransbury

Manual Flight Operations Proficiency Fallout Due to COVID-19

May 20th, 2021 at 11:00 a.m. ET

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Presenter: Paul “BJ” Ransbury, CEO, Aviation Performance Solutions

Reduced frequency of operations as a result of COVID-19 have impacted the proficiency of pilots, maintenance, and support crews across the industry. While highly experienced crews tend to recover quickly, they are not immune to the effects. However, less experienced crews are potentially at high risk. Now, more than ever, manual handling and manual flight operations proficiency are at all times lows. This is a major concern as even pre-COVID-19: “Over 60% of the accident reports reviewed ... identified a manual handling error as a factor in the accident,” noted the Federal Aviation Administration (2013 Report by the Flight Deck Automation Working Group). This presentation frames the challenges and presents solutions with suggested action plans.

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  • Manual Flight Operations Proficiency Fallout Due to COVID-19 - Paul BJ Ransbury

Paul BJ Ransbury

Paul “BJ” Ransbury

Chief Executive Officer

Aviation Performance Solutions