Safety Talk #2

Dan Boedigheimer
Dan Boedigheimer, Ph.D., CEO, Advanced Aircrew Academy

Pilot Proficiency During COVID-19 Interruption

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Host: Franco Pietracupa, Demonstration Pilot, Flight Operations, Bombardier Business Aircraft

Presenter: Dan Boedigheimer, Ph.D., CEO, Advanced Aircrew Academy

As pilots, we are used to referring to a Quick Reference Handbook (QRH) to detail the steps to follow during abnormal procedures. Where is the COVID-19 QRH page? There are broad new challenges associated with new procedures and extended breaks between trips. There are proven techniques that pilots have used when flying an international trip or a first yearly flight into a mountainous airport. We can leverage those techniques to develop a QRH abnormal procedure for operations during COVID-19. This session will review techniques that can be used to keep yourself proficient and ready for your next flight. 

Watch the webinar to learn more about keeping Safety in Focus through:

  • Lack of recent experience lowers situational awareness. Prepare, Brief, and Control the Pace of Information like your life depends on it.
  • Don’t rely on old habit patterns. Respect that nagging feeling of “I feel like I am missing something.” Make new solid habit patterns of no shortcuts.
  • Stress may be higher than you expect. Manage stress levels before you get to the cockpit and brief your team before departure. 

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Dan Boedigheimer

Dan Boedigheimer, Ph.D.


Advanced Aircrew Academy


Franco Pietracupa

Demonstration Pilot , Flight Operations

Bombardier Business Aircraft