Safety Talk #5

Dan Boedigheimer
Dan Boedigheimer, Ph.D., CEO, Advanced Aircrew Academy

Procedural Non-Compliance

December 3rd, 2020 - 11:00 a.m. ET

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Host: Franco Pietracupa, Demonstration Pilot, Flight Operations, Bombardier Business Aircraft

Presenter: Dan Boedigheimer, Ph.D., CEO, Advanced Aircrew Academy

Procedural non-compliance is a leading cause of error and ultimately incidents and accidents in aviation. This presentation will address the issue of failure to follow procedures. Procedural non-compliance is not always an individual failure. It can be caused by unclear standards, inadequate training or a leadership failure. We will offer suggestions on how you can reduce the risk of procedural non-compliance by improving procedures, identifying training gaps, and increasing leadership and individual accountability to following procedures.

Dan Boedigheimer

Dan Boedigheimer, Ph.D.


Advanced Aircrew Academy


Franco Pietracupa

Demonstration Pilot , Flight Operations

Bombardier Business Aircraft