Safety Talk #6

Franco Pietracupa
Franco Pietracupa, Demonstration Pilot, Flight Operations, Bombardier

Procedural Drift – Are You Going PINC?

February 18th, 2021 - 11:00 a.m. ET

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Host: Andy Nureddin, Vice President Customer Support, Flight Operations, Bombardier

Presenter: Franco Pietracupa, Demonstration Pilot, Flight Operations, Bombardier 

Join Captain Franco Pietracupa, Demonstration Pilot, Flight Operations, Bombardier.

Research and studies have shown intentional deviation WILL often lead to mismanaged flights and repairs, more errors and ultimately direct threat to flight safety. What is procedural intentional Noncompliance or PINC? 

In simple terms, around the world in the aviation profession, flight crews and aircraft maintenance technicians are intentionally non-compliant and sometimes they deviate purposely from standard operating procedures (SOPs).

During this informational session, we will discuss this threat, identify the why and how it is occurring and hopefully provide some insight on improving your SOPs, identifying PINC and attempt to minimize and address this concerning trend.  

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Franco Pietracupa

Demonstration Pilot, Flight Operations


Andy Nureddin

Andy Nureddin 

Vice President Customer Support, Flight Operations